Our volunteers are the lifeline to our recipients. We could not survive without them.

They are the "eyes and ears" link to our recipients and give us notification if something "just doesn't seem right" with the recipients on their routes.

Volunteers are assigned a route on a day of their choice. They deliver meals one day per week. (For example: Route #3 on Tuesdays every week)

Each route takes approximately one hour to deliver meals and each route averages six to eight stops. It takes approximately a little over an hour to deliver all meals (more time, if needed on bigger routes).

The first step to become a volunteer is to contact us through the "Volunteer" link above or give us a call at 828-356-2442.

Our volunteers receive training from a kitchen staff member or by riding along with another volunteer.

We enjoy hosting a yearly picnic in honor of our volunteers.


Our volunteers help provide reassurance to both the recipient and their family members by delivering a nutritious meal to the recipients' home.

This give peace-of-mind to the family and the volunteer feels happy to give their time to them.

To become a volunteer, click on the "Volunteer" link above and then go to the "Volunteer Today" link to fill out a form. 

You may also call the Program Coordinator, at 828-356-2442.

We thank you in advance for considering helping our senior recipients.